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Rockford MSU student helps MSU to the final four | News

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Rockford MSU student helps MSU to the final four

Lansing, Mich. (WZZM) - It takes more than a good basketball team and a good coach to be dominate in the NCAA tournament. You need to know your opponents inside and out, and that's where the MSU student managers come in.

Jake Schemmel is one of them.

"I do all my scouting reports here on this computer," explains Schemmel in the back office at the Breslin Center in East Lansing. "Here we got stuff getting ready for Duke." The computer displays lines of information about each Duke player.

Schemmel is part of a team that prepares information about opponents for MSU coaches and players. Information like where Duke players like to shoot from and who likes to do quick passes. Other useful pieces of information include identifying players who like to drive the lane and other aspects of the game.

And it's not just Duke they're preparing for.

"We have to have everything ready for all three teams," explains Schemmel "If we win, we will have to play the winner of Kentucky and Wisconsin."

Schemmel works long hours and still attends classes. "It is really tough -- 50 to 60 hours a week, not being paid or anything like that. Moments like yesterday make it all pay off." That moment was being there as MSU won its Elite Eight game to make it into the Final Four.

As a student manager, Schemmel works closely with coaches and players.

"These guys don't look at us as managers, and we don't look at them as players," explains Schemmel. "We are just one big family."

He helps at every practice. He works in the office. He takes the bus to games. He sits on the bench during home games and helps during timeouts.

And working with Coach Izzo?

"He is what people say -- he is unbelievable," explains Schemmel. "He is a great coach, great mentor."

On Wednesday, Schemmel will take the bus to Indy with the team. He hopes his prep work helps the team win.

Michigan State will play Duke this Saturday around six o'clock. If MSU wins, the Spartans will play Kentucky or Wisconsin on Monday night.


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