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Rockford school officials meet with FBI, police about threats

Rockford, Mich. (WZZM) - The Rockford school district has had six bomb threats since October, with the most recent scare happening last week.

On Thursday, school officials met with FBI, local, and state police personnel to discuss the threats.

The meeting was just one of many steps police and school officials have taken to try to find a solution to the string of threats. While this meeting was focused more on everyone being able to communicate with each other about this case, it was also a chance to get law enforcement agencies involved to be on the same page.

After the meeting, school officials released a YouTube video to parents at Rockford schools, explaining the situation. In the video, Superintendent Mike Shibler explains safety is the number-one priority.

Breakfast on the go: Pulled pork breakfast bagel

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. ( WZZM) -- Herman's Boy in Rockford joined Meredith Terhaar and Laura Hartman with a unique and delicious breakfast sandwich idea.

Nothing found in latest Rockford threat

ROCKFORD, Mich. (WZZM) Another threat at a Rockford school has ended with no activity.

The school posted online that the Sheriff's Department monitored the afternoon activities at the Rockford Freshman Center after a threat was called in to the police department. Nothing unusual happened.

The school says that they did not change the activities of the day because the threat referred to the outside of the school.

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Read the whole update below:

Rockford HS students moved to gym after threat

ROCKFORD, Mich. (WZZM) -- About 1,700 students at Rockford High School were moved to the gymnasium around noon Friday while police searched for a potentially explosive device in a duffle bag.

Rockford police received a threat of a propane tank in a bag. Michigan State Police troopers and a canine unit arrived to search the school.

The gymnasium was determined to be the safest place to house the students while the search was conducted throughout the rest of the building and grounds.

School officials say students will remain in the gymnasium for the remainder of the school day. They expect the search to be completed by 2:45 p.m. and students will be dismissed as soon as the all-clear is given by law enforcement.

Amash calls for changes in Washington

Amash calls for changes in Washington

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) - Congressman Justin Amash says Washington D.C. needs changes. Amash added that he doesn't think House Speaker John Boehner is the right man to lead the changes.

Amash made those remarks during a town hall meeting at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum Saturday morning. This was his first meeting with the public since the new congress convened on Tuesday.

The Republican from Michigan's 3rd Congressional says despite the fact that he likes House Speaker John Boehner, he wants to see more get done. Amash said, "unless someone really wants to go out on a limb it's very hard to change the system, and I think unfortunately Speaker Boehner is not willing to do what it takes to change the system, and that is the biggest problem we have right now. We need someone in there who will go there and say I don't care if I upset a bunch of special interest."

My Town: Mail-in cancer tests, produce programs get state funding

My Town: Mail-in cancer tests, produce programs get state funding

LANSING, Mich. – Making fruits and vegetables more readily available, cancer screenings by mail, health coaches and exercise programs are just several of the local initiatives getting funding from the Michigan Department of Community Health.

The MDCH recently announced 44 projects are getting approximately $1.34 million, including a dozen projects in West Michigan.  The grants include:

My Town: West Michigan's safest and most dangerous places

My Town: West Michigan's safest and most dangerous places

EAST GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.—West Michigan is home to one of the safest cities in Michigan, according to a new analysis by Value Penguin.

East Grand Rapids ranked fifth among midsize cities and 16th overall.  Value Penguin based its rankings on FBI crime statistics collected in 2013.  The group excluded towns with populations less than 5,000. Value Penguin then compared crimes in the remaining cities per capita, giving more weight to violent crimes than property crimes. 

The West Michigan communities that came in above the state average for crimes included Spring Lake-Ferrysburg (No. 28), Rockford (No. 45), Zeeland (No. 56), Belding (No. 80) and Grand Haven (No. 118).