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Belmont Company Helps Retirement Community Save $92k in Energy Costs | Environment

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Belmont Company Helps Retirement Community Save $92k in Energy Costs
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Belmont Company Helps Retirement Community Save $92k in Energy Costs

The building management and residents at Clark Retirement Community in Grand Rapids, MI, are feeling good for a lot of reasons.  They’ve partnered with Hurst Mechanical (Belmont, MI) to make a commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability and the pay-off has been more than they imagined (or asked for).

The journey began when Hurst Mechanical performed an energy benchmark for Clark Retirement Community (Clark) in early 2012.  The 106-year-old building scored 12 out of 100 on the ENERGY STAR rating scale.  Mike Ignatoski, Clark’s Director of Capital Projects and Facilities, was already taking steps to make changes to the buildings, but was surprised to find out how much room Clark had for improvement. 

Hurst Mechanical performed a comprehensive energy audit to identify the major systems in the building that were contributing to Clark’s low ENERGY STAR score.  Led by Cheri Holman, LEED AP O+M, Energy Reduction Manager at Hurst Mechanical, the team had to produce a return on investment in five years. The outcome was a plan that asserted that time and money spent now would reap remarkable benefits in the future, saving the company a projected $1.2 million over a 15-year period on utility costs.  Holman says this estimate did not even consider the potential and highly probable rise of utility prices in the future.

Since the project’s kick-off in April 2012 to Clark’s most recent energy evaluation in November 2012, Clark’s ENERGY STAR score improved drastically to 25 out of 100.  The combined energy savings has already exceeded Hurst’s original projection.  In just seven months and with the project still underway, the combined electric savings soared to $92,214.  At this rate, Holman expects that after the final numbers are tallied, Clark will ring in at a substantially improved 40 out of 100 ENERGY STAR rating.

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