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Thefts From Vehicles

Thefts From Vehicles

From the Rockford Police Department:

On Tuesday, the Rockford Police Department responded to reports that vehicles were broken into in the area of Hunters Lane and Childsdale.

Please remember to lock the doors of your vehicles when they are left unattended to avoid becoming a victim. Contact Rockford Police Department at (616) 866-9557 immediately to report any suspicious behavior or if you believe that your vehicle was broken into.

Community Alert issued over home invasions

Community Alert issued over home invasions

The Kent County Sheriff’s Department has issued a community alert for Ada, Cannon and Vergennes townships.  Three daytime home invasions occurred on Thursday, December 8th.

They occurred in the:

  • 5100 block of Egypt Valley NE
  • 10800 block of 3 Mile Rd NE
  • 6600 block of Blakely Dr NE

Each home was broken into while residents were not home between 8 AM and 5PM.  The suspect(s) took electronics, guns, cash and jewelry.

Authorities advise residents to always keep doors and windows locked, including garage doors.  Keep guns and high end valuables secured in a safe.  You should report any suspicious persons and vehicles.  Beware of and report any persons who come to your house asking for directions or who claim to be lost.

Three home invasion robberies hit Rockford area

Three home invasion robberies hit Rockford area

Rockford Police recommend you take care and keep an eye on your neighborhood in the wake of three home invasion burglaries.

The three thefts all happened Thursday (12/8) between 8am and 5pm.

  • 5100 Block of Egypt Valley NE
  • 10800 Block of 3 Mile Road NE
  • 6600 Block of Blakely Drive NE

The Rockford Police bulletin says the thieves stole electronics, guns, cash and jewelry.

If you have any information on the crimes, contact the Kent County Sheriff's Department at 616-632-6100. You should also contact police if you observe any suspicious people or individuals in your neighborhood.

Crime Prevention Connection

The December issue of the Rockford Crime Prevention Connection is now available online.

The newsletter offers crime prevention tips and safety information from the Rockford Police Department.

Among the features in this month's issue:  how to protect your Christmas gifts from becoming targets of thieves and preventing domestic violence, especially during the holidays.

Click on the link below for details:



Cannon Twp Law Enforcement Committee Update from Supervisor Steve Grimm

From: http://www.cannontwp.org

The Law Enforcement Committee has met with representatives of the Kent County Sheriff's Office to review issues pertaining to the twelve hour shifts we employed this year. At the time this was implemented, our concern was our ability to maintain the level of service with the diminished hours.

While there has been no significant diminution in criminal activity in Cannon Township this year, there has also been no diminution in our ability to handle it. In other words, cutting our dedicated law enforcement hours from sixteen hours per day to twelve made no difference in the level of service.

Below is a chart that helps explain:

Property Checks/Foot Patrols= 122 (Same as last year)
Traffic Stops= 59 (Same as last year)
Drug Violations= 1 (Same as last year)
Suspicious Persons/Situations Investigated= 8 (Same as last year)

August Rockford Crime Prevention Report

August Rockford Crime Prevention Report

This month's edition of the Rockford Crime Prevention Connection is now available online.  It has important information about how to protect yourself from fraud if you're involved in an accident. 

With school starting next month, there are also important tips for parents to discuss with their children on how to stay safe when classes resume in September.

To read the August edition, click on this link:


Tuesday, August 2nd is National Night Out in Rockford

Tuesday, August 2nd is National Night Out in Rockford

It is time to get out, see your neighbors and make Rockford a safer city.

This is Rockford's seventh year celebrating National Night Out, which is intended "to take back the night" from crime and criminals.

If you go downtown on Tuesday, you will find officers from the Michigan State Police, Kent County Sheriff Department, Rockford Police and Rockford Ambulance, along with information from the area's neighborhood watch associations.  The activities run from 6pm to 8pm.

National Night Out takes place every year on the first Tuesday of August.